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The 2D World Creator is a work in progress map and tileset editor that allows developers to quickly and easily create 2D worlds. I began developing this tool because many other 2D map editors lacked many features I needed to create my worlds such as simple tile brushes. My goal is to create a program that developers can use to create stunning 2D worlds.

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Version 0.03 - 3.11.2018

  • Added tools!
  • Added brush tool that allows you to create your own tile brushes
  • Added eraser tool (Better late than never)
  • Added fill tool
  • Added random pencil tool. When selecting multiple tiles with the pencil tool you can now turn on the random tile feature (Located on top tool bar). This will place one random tile from your selection instead of the entire selection.
  • Fixed many view bugs

Version 0.02 - 3.7.2018:

  • Fixed problem that caused program to sometimes crash on startup

Version 0.01 - 3.3.2018 :

Features in progress

  • Brushes
  • Auto tiling
  • Better file management
  • Tabs scale when moving the window
  • Better zooming

Known problems / bugs

  • When zooming your camera wont properly adjust to mouse position
  • File browser does not show most recent folder viewed

Found something that isn't on this list? Let us know in the forums so we can fix it as soon as possible!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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AuthorAsset Bakery
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Version 0.03 83 kB
Version 0.02 63 kB
Version 0.01 61 kB

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